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Maintaining a Cool Home with Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is essential that you take care of your air conditioner system especially if you live in Corona or surrounding areas. Keeping up with your Air Conditioning system’s maintenance and AC requirements is imperative to the comfort of your family and friends.

AC units should not be neglected. Annual HVAC maintenance is a great way to keep your family comfortable and save money on costly and untimely ac repairs. Your AC system’s efficiency depends on regular maintenance and tune-ups. You’ll also be pleased to know that a tune up is usually less expensive than running an inefficient central AC system. If you are researching “Best AC Maintenance Near Me”, look no further. Call us today!

AC Repair Corona CA

AC Tune Ups help you beat the SoCal heat

The Steady Air, Inc. team will take care of your unit with regular tune-ups, AC unit maintenance, and other HVAC services. Our factory-trained technicians will give your air conditioner the royal treatment it deserves, from fixing broken parts to charging refrigerant. This will ensure the system’s longevity, reduce operational costs, and keep repair costs to a minimum.

Factory-trained ac technicians provide ac maintenance service so your cooling system will meet all your comfort needs. Steady Air, Inc. uses upfront pricing, so you won’t be surprised by your service bill.

What Does AC Maintenance Inlude?

  1. Replace or clean standard 1″ filter/clean return air grill, if available (homeowner must supply).
    Protects system components and improves the air quality

  2. Compare Freon levels and pressures
    You can ensure that your system efficiency is accurate

  3. Examine electrical wiring and connections
    Protects electrical current from potential dangers

  4. Visually inspect condensate drain, pump
    Protects your home against potential water damage, and ensures that the system is in good working order

  5. Check operation and replace batteries
    Validate proper programming that saves energy

  6. Contactor for Pits and Burns
    Avoids cooling system failures
  7. Check fan blades to make sure there are no cracks or defects
    This protects the system and helps to reduce unwanted noise

  8. Lubricate fan motors if necessary
    Noise reduction and fan motor operation maintained

  9. Check and draw on the compressor
    Protects the “heart of the system” and ensures its correct operation

  10. If present, inspect the drain safety overflow relay
    Water leakage and flooding can be prevented

  11. Inspect insulation at coil and condenser Freon lines
    Protects the line set, and aids in total system operation

  12. Check your indoor coil for visible leaks
    This reduces the chance of system failure and improves efficiency

Call Steady Air, Inc. and schedule your AC maintenance today!

Steady Air, Inc. is dedicated to your safety and security. We back all our air conditioner services with a 1-year labor and parts warranty. Our air conditioning services are backed by our experience and top-quality AC Parts and Products. We can guarantee your family’s comfort all year long.  

Regular tune-ups can be a worthwhile investment. To book your maintenance appointment, give our technicians a call (951) 407-9110 and contact us online

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