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Many people believe that their heating system can take care of itself. This is a common error. A furnace’s health and efficiency greatly depend on regular maintenance.

Steady Air, Inc.’s heating maintenance services will give your system the care it needs. No matter what make or model, our team can work on any system. We have trained our team to work on all brands and types of HVAC systems in Corona and surrounding areas.

Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Steady Air, Inc. suggests that your furnace is maintained annually by a professional HVAC company. The tune-up does more than just change the filter. It is a safety inspection performed by trained and certified hvac technicians. It will ensure that your furnace runs at its best all year.

Your heating system will lose about 5 percent of its original efficiency every year if it isn’t maintained. Studies show that regular tune ups can extend the life of your heating system and recover any lost efficiency. If you take care of your heating unit properly, it will retain as much as 95 percent of its efficiency over the years.

Your heating system will work at its best if it is in top condition. This will increase your comfort and:

  • Reduces repair costs
  • Increase the life expectancy of your equipment
  • Improves IAQ for a better environment
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • … and so much more

A neglected HVAC unit will be more likely to go out of commission. A lack of maintenance is responsible for 90 percent of all heating system breakdowns. If you experience any of these symptoms: unusual noises, smells, or inconsistent temperatures in your home or higher utility bills, call us. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it by providing a reliable and affordable heating solution.

Steady Air, Inc.’s Heating Maintenance

  1. If possible, clean or replace the standard 1″ filter. Clean return air grill (homeowner must supply).
  2. Carbon monoxide detection
    Protect your family against deadly gas
  3. For proper operation, inspect the gas valve
    Gas appliance safety is ensured
  4. For proper connection, visually inspect and check flue pipe
    Confirms efficient and safe airflow from furnace
  5. Examine electrical wiring and connections
    This ensures that the correct and safe electrical current is drawn
  6. Replace batteries or check thermostat operation
    Validate proper programming that saves energy
  7. If necessary, lubricate the motor
  8. Adjust and clean burners
  9. Verify the ignition system
    You can be sure of a safe start
  10. Visually inspect the visible ducting
    Identify any airflow and leak problems
  11. For proper operation, check the high limit switch
    A vital safety feature
  12. Check heat exchanger for visible cracks and holes
    Proactively identify potential safety hazards
  13. You may also be interested in indoor air quality equipment
    Protects your home from dust and keeps it clean

For heating maintenance in Corona & surrounding areas, contact Steady Air, Inc.

Don’t deal with the stress of cold nights. To ensure your heating system is in top shape for fall and winter, contact Steady Air, Inc. online. Or call (951) 407-9110. You can also take advantage of our other HVAC services!

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